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Hello world!


Hello world, says my one week old daughter.This is a site to jot down thoughts while (and hopefully after) I am on parental leave.
A little bit about myself:

  • Strategy & operations professional in ad tech
  • Japanese
  • Living in NYC
  • NYU Stern MBA
  • System consultant / engineer in Japan (60~80 hour weeks at 50K, how did I do it for 6 years?)
  • I love technology and business models enabled by them
  • For details of my professional background view my LinkedIn profile
  • Knicks Fan: I still think Melo and Amare can coexist
  • Runner: Ran 2011 NYC marathon at 4:06, will do better this year
  • Home cook: I’m cooking every meal while on leave. A sample of my work is on Pinterest

If you want to contact me, follow me on twitter and DM me!