The Guess Why I’m Crying Game


I have a two week old daughter. Yes she’s a bundle of joy and is without a doubt the cutest thing ever. She is also a very calm baby compared to others. But raising a baby is like playing a game of “Guess why I’m crying?”.

Here are the rules of the game for a newborn. I assume these will evolve as the baby grows and learns more curve balls to throw at you.

  • Baby will start crying. This can happen 24/7.
  • You have to guess why she is crying
  • She is either hungry, sleepy, in need of a diaper change, hot, cold, uncomfortable, in pain, gassy, burpy, in need of a hug, in a bad mood, or just messing with you because she can
  • If you get it right and take the proper action you win and she will quiet down unless she decides not to (because she can)
  • You cannot adjust the volume, in fact, she will cry louder as she grows
  • You don’t have an option to not participate in this game

Of course it’s all worth it. Except when you change her diaper and immediately she decides to poop while sitting on your lap. And then starts crying.


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